Here are the most recent presentations, page long strips, 9 panels..

  • "A danca danca" Just toying with some absurdist notions. I hope you don't mind.

  • "True War Tales" No absurdism here, based on true testimony, shallow grave brings you there.

  • "Pile o cash" Yesssss....

  • "A little trip." Enjoy the madness, think back to college, when the walls were just a little more fluid.

  • "Old Doc Harrigan." Step back in time for a moment, classic Shallow Grave strip from the 40's.

  • "Chicken holiday" back to the 5-panel format.

  • "Buried alive"

  • "Brecht" if'n you don't get it, then you don't get it. Meh.

    Hey hey strips! These are all of the strips that have been showcased at the front of this webpage.

  • "I love you!" - Talking, loving, soulful doggies.

  • "Magic elf" - Me and my magic elf.

  • "Ice Cube" - Insidious bastards, all against me...

  • "Magic Elf Part 2" - More fun with elf.

  • "Blankie" - The corporate scene, my way.

  • "Bang! Bang!" - It's not easy being the man.

  • "Smokey Joe" - The best pal a guy could have.

  • "Ratatat" - War is hell...

  • "Baboon" - I still like monkeys.

  • "Strawman" - More corporate shenanigans.

  • "Anvil" - This is America, after all...

  • "Life Lessons" - Sometimes we have to be serious, and think about the children.

  • "Capitalist pig" - You heard me.

  • "Robot Buddy" - Just what America needs, another jive-talking robot.

  • "Theobald" - Everyone's favorite talking ape in the land of the apes.

  • "Froggy" - I love little dogs.

  • "Growing up."

  • "More lil devil"

  • "That darn ket" - It's krazy I tells ya.

  • "Moon Patrol!" - Everyone's favorite lunar rovers!

  • "Peeeee..."

  • "Caterpillar bodybags." Yes.

    Click down here to read some of my favorite strips. By your

  • "Monkey on my Back" - I love this strip. Absurdist fun. Good-night monkey...

  • "V for Vendetta" - For you Alan Moore fans.

  • "My Genie" - Almost as cute as little devil, but not much run-on potential...

  • "Hitler Clones!" - I wonder how Hitler would feel knowing that he is no longer remembered as a powerful evil man, but rather a source of puerile comedy.

  • "God Robot Part I!" - Have fun, enjoy, I do it all for you...

  • "God Robot Part II!" - These things tend to get out of hand very quickly.

  • "God Robot Part III!" - The wrap-up.

  • "Voodoo" - Don't ask me how many of these strips are based on personal experience, you don't want to know.

  • "Collar" - These are paranoid endtimes we live in. Watch your back!

  • "Ebola! Part I" - Terrible terrible diseases are inherently funny.

  • "Ebola! Part II"

  • "Ebola! Part III"

  • "Devil Woman!" - Smile and nod, back away slowly...

  • "Knight and Dragon!"

  • "Knight and Dragon Revisited"

  • "More Knight and Dragon Fun!"

  • "Abuse"

  • "Parka" - Painful and funny. Gets ya right... there.

  • "Scarecrow"

  • "Stoner"

  • "Sock Puppets"

    Here are some strips from the collection.dancin' machine!

  • "Cookies" is a bitter little strip that came true shortly after I wrote it. Self-fulfilling prophecy and all that.

  • "Choke-Cola" is a strip based on a joke my friend Mark told me. Depressing, I mean funny. It is to laugh.

  • "Chillin with Cthulhu" - Apparently Cthulhu is a more popular pop culture icon than I thought because I've received a lot of positive feedback from this strip. You guys are all sick!

  • "Dancin' Wookie" - Lucas will have my balls for this! Or maybe not. Wookie and Cthulhu are my most popular 'characters'.

  • "A farewell to arms" should have gotten me in trouble, but didn't. Ah who am I kidding it's a twisted world we live in.

  • "Haig" - I never thought this former Chief of Staff had so much comic potential. Everyone loves Haig!

  • "Hide the Porn!" - I like god, even if he is a smelly bum.

  • "Little Devil" - Such a little cutie. This is the introductory lil devil strip. Now go to hell!

  • "Little Devil Redux" - Gotta love him...

  • "How Would YOU Kill a Cow With Your Bare Hands?" - For Heather...

  • "Apathy Ranger" - appeared in the Yellow Journal. Old stuff but still apathetic. I mean funny.

  • "Apathy Ranger Continued" - Huzzah.

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