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For the portly set we have the "Shallow Grave Collected". 48 pages, with a full-color cardstock cover; if you don't know what you want, but you want a lot, this is for you; well over a hundred strips, originally printed in various venues in Charlottesville, VA.
Only $5, including shipping, pictured below. Signed by the author, gratis. Shallow Grave Cover

Newly added to our inventory, the delightful "Book of Strips", featuring the newest material our designers have to offer. 32 pages, hand-crafted by the author, cardstock cover, sophisticated black & white. Now in stock. Only $5, including shipping.

The final offering to our dedicated fans; "Book of Pages", featuring 11 delightful tales of woe and frenzy. 12 pages, hand-crafted, cardstock cover, b/w. Now in stock. Only $3, including shipping.

Special internet offer! Consolidate your shipping costs by ordering multiple titles, or by ordering multiple copies of the same title.
For example: "Book of Strips" plus "Book of Pages" = $8? No! They will be yours for only $7 if you order them together! Email me at "sean -at- polyn.com" for pricing.

Send your hard earned cash (or check) to:

(valid through May 2008-ish, hopefully)
Sean Polyn
3401 Walnut Street, Room 329C
Philadelphia PA, 19104
View a page of the collection. A sneak preview of three strips you won't find anywhere else on this site.

Send email to "polyn -at- psych.upenn.edu" and I will confirm any ordering information. (For those non savvy, replace -at- with @, eh)

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