Enter, enter, though thy soul be forfeit, uh, I mean... crap.

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Special bonus fun strip follows: ratty format gratis.

And a secret strip for an overworked friend. Ssh!

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I hope you like these ships.


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Here is the completed first two pages for the minicomic "How to live your life without really trying." The comic is currently under revision, I'll put some pages up when I get them done.

A nifty little comic strip created by Sean Polyn. Shallow Grave appeared in the Cavalier Daily, a daily newspaper at the University of Virginia. Sean's work has also appeared in The Yellow Journal, a satirical magazine, and Grip, a monthly music publication that is distributed throughout Virginia. Don't forget to check the archives which will be rearranged every so often.

Editor's note: I removed the blatant lies that appeared here, telling patient readers that I might do a strip a day. This is not going to happen. I will keep plugging away though.

Shallow Grave is very much available for online sale at MarsImport.com at a discount! Such a deal, buy now!


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